Why did I choose the name Trample On?

I have been running seriously for about 15 months.  After completing
my second half marathon in March of 2012, I went out to lunch with
some serious runners.  This is a very dangerous thing to do 🙂 They
tried to convince me to sign up for a marathon.

I took this to prayer.  This may seem silly, but marathon training
involves a lot of time, work and money (and food!).  Did God want me
to run a marathon?

It was over 2 months before I received my answer.

Eventually, God said yes, He wanted me to run a marathon, but only if
I would raise money for a good cause.

I would use the marathon to trample on an injustice.

This page was created to document that journey.  It may be used in the
future to help others use their talents to “trample on” something, or I
may raise money for a different cause.